Georgiax! Moscow


And you had a bra thrown at you

And a stuffed animal turtle

And I don’t even know what they threw at you here

And what looks like a naked Harry doll thrown at you

And what I think is a koala thrown at your penis

And finally some balls thrown at your face

not to mention the thick glow in the dark stick i chucked at your head, i do so hope that someone caught that on film

(Source: im-a-directioner-fangirl, via youlittleshtako)

My best friend and me <3 <3

My best friend and me <3 <3



Me n my lil sister&lt;3

Me n my lil sister<3

Kai when he was a baby&lt;3

Kai when he was a baby<3

My lil sister&lt;3

My lil sister<3



If you love someone let the go, If they don’t come back, they never loved you from the start.


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